My Studio

Welcome to Gemma Yeomans Photography studio – my happy place & soon to be yours too! 

My photography studio is nestled in the heart of Derbyshire countryside in the village of Draycott in the Clay. If you’re lucky you may even spot some sheep out the window with our picturesque views. Specializing in newborn and family photography, my studio offers the comfort of having a home–from – home atmosphere, creating the perfect setting to capture your precious moments and memories. 

As a brand-new parent, I completely understand how important this time is. Having three little ones myself I understand how important the first milestones are and how quickly the time goes by. 

Immerse yourself in the charm of my home studio, where newborns are spoilt with a choice of props and outfits carefully selected that you would love, ensuring that each photoshoot is a unique experience. My focus is always on baby led sessions and baby safety when posing with parents and babies always in mind at the heart of everything I do. My focus on newborn and family photography creates a comfortable environment for maternity and family shoots alike. 

Step into a world where every detail is thoughtfully curated to enhance the beauty of your moments and great your family’s lasting legacy. 

 You can switch off from your day to day of being a newborn parent and enjoy having a drink whilst it’s still hot whilst watching me work my magic with your new precious baby. I’m often called a baby whisperer – I do have stacks of patience and a gentle nature but it’s also down to milk drunk babies and a cosy warm studio. 

I have refreshments available, wifi, a fantastic toy box for your older children and a huge array of headbands, outfits, props and more. There are toilet facilities and free parking which is on my home drive. 

Gemma Yeomans Photography Studio is much more than just a place to have a few quick snaps; it’s a sanctuary where you can sit on my comfy sofa, relax with a cuppa and chocolate and embrace the gorgeous moments of your little ones very first photoshoot. Memories and moments are captured with care & creativity that will never fade because you have the photographs to create beautiful lasting wall art from for your walls at home. 

Book your session now and let me turn your milestones into timeless treasures. 

During your time in the studio, you will get the opportunity to see a beautiful variety of wall art samples chosen by other parents that will look incredibly beautiful on your walls at home & a real talking point. These are all prices tagged so that you have no unexpected costs throughout your experience with me. 

Do you know someone that’s expecting a brand-new arrival or celebrating a milestone with their little one? Then a Gemma Yeomans Photography studio gift voucher is the absolute perfect gift for any parent.