Newborn Photography Session

What to expect from your Newborn Shoot

Your baby’s first photoshoot is a big deal! I want you to walk away having the absolute best experience, so we plan as much as we can together.

Through the consultation, I get to know you and your family a bit more, find out what your goal is for the session, what styling you would like, what colours dominate in your home.

I want to know as much about you as I can: what makes you smile, how would you like to be photographed, where you are planning on displaying your images.

There is a lot of planning that goes into your newborn session, but I can assure you, it will all be worthwhile, because the images we create together will not only document this moment in time for you to look back with a smile years from now, but also reflect your style.

Newborn Photography Investment

Booking fee only £99







Once you have booked your photoshoot with me you will receive a one: one personal consultation where we can discuss your needs and ideas for photographs. From here you will be sent a session guide which contains a wealth of information to assist in making your photoshoot a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

During your photoshoot you will have a relaxed, joyful memory making experience where you can rest and enjoy watching me work my magic aka baby whisperer. I have a comfy sofa for you to relax on with wifi and refreshments. You will leave feeling all fuzzy and warm at how lovely your photographs are going. Oh, and as a little thank you from me you will receive your very own mums party bag (aka goodie bag) 

Once the photographs have been taken you don’t forget about – in fact the very opposite. We will book in a return date straight away – this is where you get to enjoy a personalised viewing session showing your child’s legacy gallery on a big screen. I will then guide you through my packages and help you in guiding you and helping you to choose the wall art for your homes or family. Payment is due at this point. 

Finally, as soon as your wall art is ready you will be invited back to collect and digital files will be sent to you to download, back up & share. If your wall art is too big – often I will arrange delivery straight to your home or hand deliver myself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. My cosy home studio is geared to families in mind. 

I offer siblings the opportunity to feel a big part of the photoshoot, explaining what I am doing, asking them to pick out little props or outfits and of course when they get a little bored, I have a fantastic little selection of toys and games to keep them entertained, Wi-Fi for iPad’s and plenty of snacks of course. 

I do recommend where possible that the siblings are taken away once they have had their photograph taken as they can become restless but if this isn’t possible due to travel, they are welcome to stay. We have a lovely local park nearby and a soft play centre at the next nearest town. 

All this information is listed in the really useful session guide I will send you, please read through this. 

On the day, please bring enough milk for 3-4 feeds (extra than normal just in case)  

Your change bag with all your essentials. 

A dummy (pacifier) even if you wouldn’t normally use one it helps to get better results if baby becomes unsettled.  

Sandwiches/ light lunch for yourself (I do have a microwave to heat things and I do provide small snacks and drinks) but feel free to bring something more substantial as your body needs energy.  

Any family heirlooms or special items you may want to include in your photoshoot 

Unfortunately, lifestyle newborn photography is not something I currently offer, my studio has an array of newborn props & outfits which I couldn’t possibly bring to your home. 

I start all my newborn sessions at either 10 or 11 am – this is the best time I have found for babies. The full newborn sessions take around 2-3 hours ( 4 hours studio time is allocated), simple newborn shoots have a 1 hour studio time allocation. 

Always bring spare clothes in case of a poonami incident. Aim for comfortable neutrals for photographs – no bog logos, it’s best not to go for lots of different bright colour’s or patterns that clash. My guide will give you some great examples. 

It is lovely to bath baby if you can as it will get rid of flakey skin and also make their hair lovely and fluffy for the photos. Feeding – if you are coming for a shorter, simply shoot and your travel time is under 30-40 mins I would suggest feed just before you come. For full newborn shoots you will feed baby when you arrive at the studio so that you can have a little bit of time for an unrushed feed to ensure baby is settled and milk drunk. 

About a week after your photoshoot, we will arrange a date for you to come back for your very own personalized viewing session. During the session you will get to see all your beautifully edited photographs, choose your package and wall art for your walls at home. We have lots of wall art and framing options all ready priced for you to see during both your photoshoot and viewing session. You will pay for your session and wall art during the viewing appointment. 



CARD – I can do apple pay, card payments and card payment links electronically 

PAYPAL PAYIN3 – this is an ideal payment plan should you want to spread the cost across three payments. 


What to expect

  • Consultation
  • Session
  • Purchasing Appointment
  • Order Collection
  • Book another session

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