Mummy and Me Photography

Welcome to my heartwarming space nestled in the beautiful landscapes of Derbyshire, dedicated to celebrating the unbreakable bond between mummies and their little ones. I’m a female photographer with a soft spot for capturing those giggles, cuddles, and spontaneous moments that make the motherhood journey so unique. My “Mummy and Me” photography sessions are all about creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere where those precious, fleeting moments can be captured and treasured forever. Whether you’re looking to freeze this special time with your newborn or want to capture the chaos of toddler life, I’m here to help you hold onto those memories with beautiful, heartfelt images. Welcome to my Mummy and Me photography gallery—let’s create some beautiful stories together!

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5 reasons why you should book me for your Mummy and Me photography

  • Mums are never in front of the camera with their little ones unless it’s a phone selfie and before you know it your kids are fully grown, and you have missed the chance to turn back the clock and treasure those memories – they really are not little for long. 
  • This is your chance to feel good, dress your best and actually capture some images that you love. 
  • It’s a special moment in time to remember with your little ones and can be done as a studio or outdoor shoot 
  • It’s your chance to finally get a huge family portrait hung on the wall. 
  • I am a mum myself, so I know exactly what you want to achieve and how to get your children to be at their best. It is also a great opportunity that by investing in me you are supporting another mum to be successful in business.