5 Tips for a great Newborn Session

Today, I’m super excited to share with you my top 5 tips for a great newborn session. Having been a part of many families’ special beginnings, I’ve gathered some insights that I believe will make your newborn photography session not just successful, but truly enjoyable for both you and your little bundle of joy. Whether it’s about the timing, the setting, or how to keep things smooth and comfy for your baby, I’ve got you covered. So, grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and let’s dive into making those adorable first memories as perfect as can be!

Prepare your outfits the day before

I don’t want you to stress on the day, so anything that could

potentially cause you any stress needs to be dealt with beforehand. Make sure your outfits are ready and ironed the night before.

If you are worried about getting anything creased in transit, or children spilling juice all over their new shirt, bring those with you separately. You can always get changed at the studio. We will have plenty of time.

Make sure the siblings are rested and fed

On the day of the session, you may wake up a bit more anxious than usual, because you want everything to go smoothly. In the chaos of the day, we may not have the time for a sit-down meal prior to leaving the house with not just your baby but also the older siblings.

If they are anything like me, hungry almost always means angry, and we most definitely do not want to have them angry on the day, if as little as a sandwich would have solved that. If you are strapped for time, bring some snacks with you.

We also don’t want them falling asleep in our arms, so please try and have an early night prior to the session day, to make sure everyone is at their top form.

Prepare your children and tell them what to expect

When it comes to preparing our main model: keeping your newborn baby awake directly prior to the session is the key. We want them to be ready for their nap upon arrival, but what’s the best way to prepare your older babies?

Depending on their age, it may be good to sit down with your children and tell them a bit more about what will happen on the day of their session. If they are around 5-8 years old, they will most likely be really excited for the day ahead.

If you can bring them to the consultation, it’s even better as they can familiarise themselves with the environment. This will give them a confidence boost on the day, especially if they are shy.

If they are teenagers, they may be more excited if you tell them the session won’t take long and they are free to go home when their part of the shoot is over (the same sometimes applies to dads).

Bring an activity / toys your children enjoy

We want your children to feel relaxed and forget about the camera, and toys are great for that. They also direct focus, so if we need your little one to look directly into the camera, I can always place their favourite teddy bear on top of it!

Enjoy it!

I know it’s easy to say, but this is the time when we will be capturing you and your love as a family. Those will be the memories your children will pull out of the dusty box 20-30 years from now, at a Christmas table. Whatever is on your mind, put it aside for this hour and try as much as you can to enjoy this time.

Maybe your little ones will need more cuddles on the day, maybe they will be boisterous. Maybe they will run around for 20 minutes before they are out of steam. Please don’t stress about it. I am here to document it all. This is life happening around us. Those are the memories we want to look back on.